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Royale Modification Windows Themes

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This is Modification Windows Themes of Royale Windows Themes...

What's new ?

The New in this themes are :
- New Color Scheme, 6 Color Schemes (Include COMPACT scheme)
- New Shapes on many elements

So, Download This Modification Themes HERE...

Vista CG Windows Themes

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Other Version of Vista Windows Themes... This is Vista CG Theme

This version likes Aero Windows Theme (default Vista Theme), but this theme has many new elements and new shapes...

Check This Out !!!

Download This Theme HERE...

Media Center II (Royale) Windows Themes

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The Next Generation of Media Center windows theme...
It is Media Center II or Royale Windows Theme

What's new ?

Media Center II has new shapes (modern, like Vista) and new color schemes (Black, Black 2, HomeStead, Metalic, and Royale).

More complete than Media Center first generation that only had 3 color schemes.

Feel The Next Generation !!!

Download This Next Generation HERE...

New Crystal XP Windows Themes

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New Crystal Windows Theme...
Check It Out !!!

With new color, new shapes, new color schemes 
on many elements... (4 Great Color Schemes - include COMPACT scheme, Click and See your START button !!!), new Crystal Logo (Cute Penguin) !!!

Anxiously ???

Let's Download This New Crystal Theme HERE...

Luna Element 4 Windows Themes

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Are you using Old Luna-Windows Theme?
Let's change your Old Luna with this theme !!!

This is Luna Element 4 Windows Theme, The New of Luna Windows Theme...

What's new?

This themes has new appearance, new color schemes (include COMPACT scheme, Click and See your START button !!!), and new shapes on every element !!!

Let's Download This New Luna Theme HERE...

Ferrari Windows Themes

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Are you ready to see a Ferrari style on your windows theme?
Yeah!!! Now, Ferrari exclusively decorated your desktop !!!

Ferrari's Logo specially pose for your Start Up Desktop !!!

4 Color Schemes (Ferrari 1, Ferrari 2, Ferrari 3, Ferrari 4) ready to wash your eyes out !!!

You're Ferrari's Holic? Show your holic with this themes on your personal computer today.

Download This Special Theme HERE...

Special, only for you...

Aquanox Windows Themes

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Aquanox... Fell Your Desktop Likes Aqua...
This theme has very modern and cool appearance, this themes also has COMPACT scheme.
What it is? Click and See on your START button (at desktop) !!!
Click and See by yourself !!!

"Deep" and "Shallow" color schemes (Normal and Compact mode) ready to spoiling your eyes...
With this theme, you can stabilize your mood because this theme is Full Color...
So, never bad mood when you using the computer...

Download This Rare Windows Themes Only In HERE !!!

Vista Cursors - Black Edition

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This is new cursors that is very modern, cool, and artistic.
This is not vista cursors, but from the shape this cursors like vista cursors.
Then, I called this cursors with Vista Cursors Black Edition...

This new cursors collection are very good to improve your windows appearance.
Special on this cursors are animation on "Busy" and "Work In Background" condition, the animation like rotation of rainbow's color spectrum.

To get this Vista Cursors Black Edition, you can
Download This Vista Cursors Black Edition HERE...

Vista Cursors - White Edition

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This is Real Vista Cursors...
To decorated your Desktop Windows, cursors also very important that furnishing your Desktop Appearance. This Vista Cursors are suitable for your Desktop.

Let's change your cursors with this Vista Cursors White Edition.

Download This Vista Cursors White Edition HERE...

Prevent Dissemination of Virus Computer From USB (Flash Disk)


Now, don't worry with any virus computers that spread via USB (Flash Disk) because this is 7 steps to Prevent Dissemination of Virus Computer From USB (Flash Disk).
You only need NOTEPAD program and Special Codes to do it. Let's Do It !!!

1. Open "Notepad" program (Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Notepad).
2. Type 'The Magic Words'. This are the words:
del /a:r f:\autorun.inf , then press ENTER on your keyboard then type the words below:
echo ‘Ra-EngLish.Blogspot.Com’ >f:\autorun.inf&attrib +r f:\autorun.inf

[NOTE: letter 'f' above means the drive that usually used on your USB (Flash Disk) drive. Change with other letter/character that refer on your USB (Flash Disk) drive, example: e,g,h, or other character.]

3. Save The Magic Words on your USB (Flash Disk) drive with rules: file name: up to you, file extension: .bat [Example: Ra-EngLish.bat]
4. Open that magic file (filename.bat)
5. Refresh Computer (press F5)
6. Open file "autorun.inf" on your USB drive. Word "Ra-EngLish.Blogspot.Com" will appear
7. Now, virus on your USB (Flash Disk) drive Can't Infect Your Computer !!!

The steps above can't guarantee that your computer becomes FREE VIRUS 100%.
You must also install Anti Virus program for better result.


Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

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First, I recommend u to BackUp your computer/system computer. So, when not wanted things happen on your computer, you can Restore It on every Restore Points that you made.
For BackUp your system computer, click:
Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore

Now, this is more tips to Speed Up Your Computer:

1. Accelerate Booting - Clear Windows Startup Screen
- Only one user that uses the computer
- Start -> Run -> type: Msconfig
- On System Configuration Utility, click tab BOOT.INI
- Check “/NOGUIBOOT” on Boot Options.

2. Manage Start Up
- Start -> Run -> type: Msconfig
- On System Configuration Utility, click tab Startup
- Uncheck unneeded startup (startup programs show at system tray),
more unchecks mean better !!! Use your BRAIN !!!

3. Manage Services
- Start -> Run -> type: Msconfig
- On System Configuration Utility, click tab services
- Uncheck unneeded services (click here to recognize all of
unneeded sercices). Remember: Use your BRAIN !!!
- Afford the total of loaded(checked) services not more than 25.

4. Adjust Performance
- Open Windows Explorer
- Right Click on "My Computer", sort and click "Properties"
- Click tab Advanced and click "Settings" on Performance
- Click "Adjust for best performance" on Visual Effects
- Click OK

5. Clear Wallpaper and decrease Desktop Icons (max:5 Icons on your Desktop).

6. Delete unneeded fonts on your computer
(except default fonts by Microsoft when you Install Windows OS).